SECOND MONDAYS - Tyler Parkford presents "The Goodnite Show" - 10pm to 2am

FIRST & THIRD TUESDAYS - "John Isaac Watters and Friends" - 9pm to 1am

WEDNESDAYS - Nora Keyes & Don Bolles present "Ye Olde Hush Club" - 9pm to 2am

THURSDAYS - Fumadores presents "Sketch Party" - 9pm to 2am

FIRST FRIDAYS - Neon Kobra & Studio Riff Raff presents "Art House" - 9pm to 2am

SECOND FRIDAYS - "Rendezvous!" - 9pm to 2am - for event info.

THIRD FRIDAYS - My Hollow Drum presents "Kaleidoscopic Sounds"- 9pm to 2am

FOURTH FRIDAYS: Paul Gachot & Sarah Bay Williams present "Stupid Pills" - for event info.

The bar is available to rent for private events & shoots, for reservations please email to "reservations at hyperiontavern dot com"

1941 Hyperion Ave, CA 90027, Los Angeles